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DC Comics Batman #181

Superboy #181
There has been some confusion that this advertisement on the inside front cover of Superboy #131 predated the release of Batman #181, and technically would be the first Poison Ivy appearance.  However, Superboy #131 (July 1966), as per DC Wikia, was first published on May 17, 1966.  Batman #181 was first published on April 19, 1966.  Thus, Batman #181 should be considered the first appearance of Poison Ivy in DC comics.

An original production sketch I picked up from the ninth episode of Batman: The Animated Series titled 'Pretty Poison'

An original page from Poison Ivy Issue 4 from the limited series 'Cycle of Life and Death- Secrets in the Garden', page 17 (2016)
11x17 DC comic board.  Pencil/blue line by Julio Ferriera.  Inks by Jay Leisten.

2017 Dustin Nguyen Original Poison Ivy Sketch
The Li'l Gotham comics are among my favorite, it was great to find an original Poison Ivy piece by Dustin Nguyen.

2015 Poison Ivy sketch by Stef Wilson
Sometimes you come across a piece of art you fall in love with.  I decided to use this as the background for this blog.

2017 Siriguana Poison Ivy Drawing

2016 Factory Entertainment DC Bomb Shells Lithographic Print Sets (#0774)

1997 Golden Books  Batman & Robin Movie

1997 Golden Books  Batman & Robin Movie Heroes & Villains  

1997 Warner Bros. Store Paper Doll Book

1993 Golden Book Batman Plants of Peril

2009 Poison Ivy's Deadly Garden

2005 Scholastic Reader Batman Green Gotham

2014 Little Golden Book Flower Power!


 2017 Batman Classic Poison Ivy's Scare Fair

2014 Hallmark Interactive Storybook BatGirl And The Plants Of Peril!

1997 Batman & Robin Guardians of Gotham City Coloring Book

DC Super Hero Girls Fashion Sketch Set

DC Super Hero Girls Velvet Sparkle Poster Set

DC Super Hero Girls Coloring Book
This is a pretty decent sized coloring book that features Poison Ivy on several pages, usually in a group with other characters.

1997 Batman & Robin Triple Threat Tell-A-Story Sticker Book

1997 Batman & Robin Colorforms Playset

2003 Ultimate Batman Glow in the Dark Sticker Book

2003 DC Animated Batman Sticker Book

2012 Batman Friend or Foe? Ultimate Sticker Book


2001 DK Batman Sticker Book

2017 Batman 1000 Stickers Paperback

2012 Ultimate Sticker Collection: Batman

2012 Ultimate Sticker Collection: LEGO Batman

2016 LEGO Batman Movie Ultimate Sticker Collection

LEGO Stickers

LEGO Stickerland Set

DC Comics DC Super Hero Girls 75 Tattoos

DC Comics Poison Ivy Finger Nail Art Decals

1997 Batman Vending Machine Stickers

Poison Ivy Prism Sticker

Batman Window Cling 01

Batman Window Cling 02

1993 DC Comics Batman Prism Stickers

Itty Bittys DC Super Hero Girls Puffy Stickers

Batman Animated Stickers

Another Sticker Set

2015 ATA-BOY INC. DC Bombshells Sticker

Bombshells Sticker

Poison Ivy Bombshell Window Decal

1994 Batman The Animated Series Pop-up Playbook

1997 Landoll's Batman and Robin Posters to Color #2

1992 Craft House Batman The Animated Series Crayon by Numbers Set

2003 Batman: The Animated Series Guide

1997 How to Draw Batman by Templeton Ty

2010 Fandex Family Field Guides DC Comics Super Heroes and Villains

1997 Whitman's The Adventures of Batman & Robin Valentine Boxes

Batman the Animated Series Style Guide Poison Ivy Pages
Copied from

The New Batman Adventures Style Guide Poison Ivy Pages
Copied from

These are the Poison Ivy references found in the Animated Series writer's guide.  Here is a link to the entire document:

Warner Bros. Studio Store "Jet To" Contest

1997 Hallmark Card

1997 Batman & Robin DVD

1997 Batman & Robin Special 2-Disk DVD

1997 Batman & Robin VHS

1997 Batman & Robin LaserDisc

1997 The Adventures of Batman Robin Poison Ivy VHS

2017 DC Super-Villains: Poison Ivy DVD

2004 The Adventures of Batman & Robin: Poison Ivy and The Penguin DVD

2002 Batman The Animated Series  The Legend Begins VHS

1997 Batman & Robin Viewmaster Reel Set

Gotham Girls Clip Art and PDF Designs CD

2017 SDCC Comic-Con Dave Perillo Poster Mondo Card

1999 Cleo Batman Valentines 32 Fold & Seal Cards and 48 Heart Stickers





Six Flags New England Poison Ivy's Tangled Train
Poison Ivy's Tangled Train is a rollercoaster active from 2000 - 2006 before the name was changed to Catwoman's Whip.  The ride contains 20 cars a total of 40 riders.  The track length is 1,181.1 ft, height 26.3 ft, and speed 22.4 mph.  Overall dimensions of the ride is 122.4 ft x 137.8 ft and entertains 1,250 riders per hour.

1997 Leisure Arts DC Comics Super Heroes Cross Stitch Classics

2018 Poison Ivy Hemp Sticker by Dan H

2017 Poison Ivy's Rainforest Revenge (Batman & Robin Adventures)

2014 Hallmark Interactive Storybook BatGirl And The Plants Of Peril! Book 2

2007 Aprende Ingles Con Batman: Galeria de Villanos (Learn English With Batman: Gallery of Villains)

(All the inside pages look like this)

1997 Batman & Robin Deluxe Sticker Gift Set #62707


2014 Batman: The Silver Age Newspaper Comics Volume 1 (1966-1967)


Batman Special 45 February 2000 (Dutch)  with 10 Stickers


2015 Seed Bank Heist (You Choose Stories: Batman)

1997 Batman & Robin Movie Lobby Cards (Spain)

Various 1997 Batman & Robin Movie Lobby Cards

1983 Zanart Batman Animated Movie Lobby Cards



(The rest of the book is blank like this)

2018 Insight Editions DC Comics: Poison Ivy Hardcover Ruled Journal

Hallmark Batman Personalized Book
This book was available online from Hallmark.  It was available for boys or girls, and the purchaser could select the gender, eye color, skin tone, hair color and hairstyle, and then add a name to create a story that's all about your little hero. It came hardcover, 20 pages, and was 8.75" W x 11.25" H.

DC Super Hero Girls Sticker Pad

DC Super Hero Girls Poison Ivy Face Tattoos
This was available from Spirit Halloween Stores online only.

DC Superhero Girls Pink Wrapping Paper

DC Superhero Girls Blue Wrapping Paper

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