Books and other Printed Materials

1966 (June) DC Comics Batman #181
Poison Ivy's first appearance was originally styled after Bettie Page.  After numerous appearances her back story and motivations periodically change, but her costume has remained fairly consistent. 

1997 Warner Bros. Store Paper Doll Book

1993 Golden Book Batman Plants of Peril
This book was also available as an audio book that came with a cassette tape.

2009 Poison Ivy's Deadly Garden

2005 Scholastic Reader Batman Green Gotham

2014 Little Golden Book Flower Power!

2017 Batman Classic Poison Ivy's Scare Fair

1997 Batman& Robin Guardians of Gotham City Coloring Book

1997 Batman & Robin Colorforms Playset

1994 Batman The Animated Series Pop-up Playbook

1997 Landoll's Batman and Robin Posters to Color #2

Whitman's Favor Candy Gift Box (2 1/2 x 2 1/2 when made into a box)

A couple of pages from a promo packet that was distributed to Warner Bros. Studio Store employees when the Animated series first appeared so the staff could answer questions about the new merchandise that was coming out related to the series.

An original production sketch I picked up from the ninth episode of Batman: The Animated Series titled 'Pretty Poison'

An original page from Poison Ivy Issue 4 from the limited series 'Cycle of Life and Death- Secrets in the Garden', page 17 (2016)
11x17 DC comic board.  Pencil/blue line by Julio Ferriera.  Inks by Jay Leisten.

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