2005 Barbie Doll Poison Ivy
The same doll was packaged with two different key chains.

1997 Kenner Batman & Robin Collector’s Edition
There were individual 12" dolls of Batman, Robin, Batgirl, and Mr. Freeze also released.

2010 DC Comics Poison Ivy 1:6 Scale Collector Figure

ID Card Sticker Low

ID Card Sticker Low with Alternate Backing

ID Card Sticker High

ID Card Sticker High with Alternate Backing

ID Card with no Sticker

No ID Card

International Backing

It may be difficult to see in these pictures, but in person, it is obvious that the eyes on these two dolls are different.  One has noticeably larger eyes, and perhaps a slightly larger head.  I would consider this a variant.  

2016 Mattel DC Superhero Girls Poison Ivy Doll

2016 Mattel DC Superhero Girls Poison Ivy Doll Cape Variant
There were six of these dolls with the golden cape variant.

2016 DC Super Hero Girls Poison Ivy Trading Card SDCC Exclusive (reverse side is blank)

2017 Mattel DC Super Hero Girls Mission Gear Poison Ivy

2017 DC Super Hero Girls Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy with ATV Vehicle

2017 DC Super Hero Girls Poison Ivy Prototype

2018 DC Super Hero Girls Poison Ivy Doll

2015 Madame Alexander DC Comics Poison Ivy Alex 16-inch Collectible Doll

2007 Tonner DC Stars Collection Poison Ivy 17-inch Doll (edition size 1000)

2008 Tonner Poison Ivy Sealed With a Kiss Doll  (edition size 200)

2008 Wizard World Philly Convention Exclusive Arkham Pamela Isley (edition size 100)  

2009 Tonner Pop Culture DC Stars Poison Ivy Doll 16-inch Doll (edition size 500)

2012 Tonner DC Comics Poison Ivy 22-inch Doll (edition size 300)

This is a custom 1/6 Poison Ivy I made from a Phicen Red Sonja Figure.

2012 Monster High Doll Venus McFlytrap Daughter of the Plant Monster (not a DC Poison Ivy)   
Part of the Monster High doll series, Venus McFlytrap is their Poison Ivy version.  If Ivy had a daughter, Venus is what I envision her to be.

Wizard of Oz Haunted Stroll Wicked Witch 16-inch (aka Poison Ivy) (edition size 1500) (not a DC Poison Ivy)    
This Tonner doll is part of their Wizard of Oz line.  It was originally titled Poison Ivy, but has now been renamed Haunted Stroll. 

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