Batman’s Poison Ivy may have made her debut in print in 1966, however, another Poison Ivy was flying high some 21 years earlier.

The first Poison Ivy may have originated as the nose art of Boeing F-13 Superfortress 42-24585.  It was named after her crew chief Flip Ivey.  Poison Ivy B-29 was part of the 73 Bomber Wing, 3rd Photo Recon Squadron, when she went down due to engine failure 6 miles NE of Agana, Guam, on 8 June 1945.  I am not sure how many casualties resulted in the crash, but I do know not all crewmembers made it out alive.  This is a small tribute to those brave men in the original Poison Ivy.

2014 Warner Bros. Batman Exhibit in Hollywood, CA

Here are some images of the Warner Bros. Batman Exhibit.  Also included are some behind-the-scenes screen caps of the Poison Ivy costume from the 1997 Batman & Robin movie.  The full video link is here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=104IHK8TBl0


Poison Ivy (Kristy Wallace) of The Cramps
The Cramps were an American punk rock band from 1976 - 2009 founded by Lux Interior and Kristy Wallace.  Kristy said she took the name Poison Ivy from Batman and the Coaster’s song “Poison Ivy.”

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