Other Collectibles

2014 DC Comics Poison Ivy String Doll Keychain
Available single and in a two-pack with the Riddler.

DC Comic 2-inch Batman String Dolls
These were packaged in globes for vending machines.

2016 DC Comics Poison Ivy Metal Keyring

2016 DC Comics Gotham Girls Poison Ivy Rubber Keyring

BIOWORLD DC Spinning Poison Ivy Keychain

Poison Ivy Cabochon Rotating Glass Keychain 

2016 Cryptozoic Entertainment Poison Ivy Bottle Opener San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive

2016 Cryptozoic Entertainment Bombshells Poison Ivy Bottle Opener

2016 DC Comics Bombshell Bottle Opener

Credit Card Bombshell Bottle Opener Version 1

Credit Card Bombshell Bottle Opener Version 2

Poison Ivy Bottle Opener

DC Comics Bombshells Poison Ivy Bar Blade Bottle Opener

Poison Ivy Keychain
Probably a custom (image the same on both sides).

Six Flags Poison Ivy Keychain (image the same on both sides)

2001 Six Flags Poison Ivy Keyring

Poison Ivy Key Fob

DC Comics Poison Ivy Gas Mask Lanyard

DC Comics Poison Ivy Lanyard

Kotobukiya Lanyard

Kotobukiya Rubber Charms

2016 Westland Giftware DC Comics Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy Magnetic Ceramic Salt & Pepper Shakers

2017 DC Comics DC Bombshells Badge Poison Ivy FanSets Pin MicroChracters

2017 DC Comics Super Hero Girls Style Poison Ivy FanSets Pin MicroChracters Style 1

2017 DC Comics Super Hero Girls Style Poison Ivy FanSets Pin MicroChracters Style 2

Batman Poison Ivy Enamel Pin
Custom pin from Esty seller ELBLACKBAT.

Custom Poison Ivy Pin Earth First
Part of a series of politically slanted pins from Etsy seller PatrickHelium.

 Ariel as Poison Ivy Fantasy Pin (#54 of 75)
Fantasy pins are created outside of Disney without permission.  This pin is part of a set of three.  The other two pins are Belle as Catwoman with the Beast as a Gargoyle and Rapunzel as Harley Quinn.   Although not official Disney merchandise, Fantasy pins have become increasingly popular as collectibles.

Ariel as Poison Ivy #2 Fantasy Pin 
Another fantasy pin I came across.  This one has no edition on the back.

Ariel as Poison Ivy #3 Fantasy Pin(#24 of 50)

Jessica Rabbit as Poison Ivy Fantasy Pins (Red is #34 and Orange is #46 of an edition size of 50)

Poison Ivy Little League Pin

Achey Breaky Gotham Pin Sets from Cape and Cowl Comics

Bad Girl Poison Ivy Enamel Pin from MAMOBOT

1997 Warner Bros. Studio Store Batman & Robin Movie Pins

1997 Warner Bros. Studio Store Batman & Robin Poison Ivy Pin

1997 Warner Bros. Studio Store Pin Set

Upcoming release:  2018 Funko Pop! DC Bombshells Pens

1997 Batman & Robin Movie Commemorative .999 Silver Medallion #494

1997 Batman & Robin Movie Commemorative Medallions
Three-piece proof set with bronze, .999 silver, and .999 silver with 24kt gold overlay (edition size 200).

1997 Batman & Robin 'Batgirl vs Poison Ivy' Silver Ounce Commemorative Medallion #127 (edition size 500)

1997 Warner Bros. Studio Store Batman & Robin Movie Playing Cards
Description of cards mentions Poison Ivy is included.

Poison Ivy Guitar Pick from Six Flags Great Adventure

LEGO Poison Ivy Figures

2006 LEGO Poison Ivy Figure from Arkham Asylum (7785)

2012 LEGO Poison Ivy Figure (6860 / 10937) and Jokerland (76035)

Poison Ivy Ride from the Jokerland set (76035)

2016 LEGO DC Super Hero Girls Super Hero High School Playset #41232

These figures are not from an upcoming LEGO set as I originally thought.  Rather, they are repaints for a custom 'Wonder Woman To The Rescue!' LEGO playset someone made for their daughter.

2017 LEPIN 29001 Super Escort Girls Set
LEPIN is a China-based LEGO clone brand manufacturer.  I think they lost something in translation on the Super Hero High School Set.

These appear to be Super Hero Girls LEGO bootlegs.

2017 LOZ 1428 Poison Ivy Robot Nano Block Toy

2016 LEGO Frankie 
From the 2016 LEGO DC Super Hero Girls Super Hero High School Playset #41232

2017 LEGO (70908) The Scuttler

2017 LEGO (70912-1) Arkham Asylum

2016 Poison Ivy Minifigure
Minifigures are knockoffs of LEGOs from China.

Poison Ivy LEGO Customs

2017 LEGO DUPLO Batcave Challenge (10842)

2016 Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends Minis Emily as Poison Ivy
This little engine is sold along with other DC Super Friends themed trains in three, four, and nine packs.

2016 DiceMastersDB DC Comics Dice Masters World’s Finest Die and Card Second Eden's Vengeance #96
There are three different cards in this series, including Home and Garden #61 and Pretty Poison #125.

2016 The Batman The Animated Series Dice Game

1993 Golden 55 Piece Poison Ivy vs Batman Mini Puzzle

1996 SkyBox  Batman Animated Series Puzzle Card 

1999 Warner Bros. Studio Store Masterpiece Series 'Deadly Beauties'  Plaque (#63 of 2500)
Note the certificate posted does not belong to my plaque, it is here for information only.

1999 Warner Bros. Studio Store Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn Cookie Jar

2017 Cryptozoic Entertainment Mini Pumps Poison Ivy

2017 Cryptozoic Entertainment Mini Pumps Poison Ivy Gold Chase

2014 Advanced Graphics Arkham Asylum Poison Ivy Standee #1692

1997 Batman & Robin Movie Poison Ivy (Uma Thurman) Standee

Animation Cel from Batman The Animated Series Episode 'Harley and Ivy'

2016 DC Comics Bad Girls Tin Tote #25572 (image the same on both sides)

Shot Glass Poison Ivy Toon Tumbler

1999 Warner Bros. Studio Store Superhero Mug

2000 Warner Bros. Studio Store Poison Ivy Mug

1997 Warner Bros. Studio Store Poison Ivy Mug

Various Mugs


Six Flags Mug

Bad Girls Ceramic Mug #25571

DC Comics Bombshells Mug

Dc Comics Poison Ivy Gotham Girls Mug

Dc Comics Poison Ivy Bombshells Mug

Toon Tumblers

Toon Shotglasses

DC Comics 16oz Glass

Upcoming release:  2018 Popfun Merchandising  Batman: The Animated Series Toon Tumblers Gotham Sirens Pint Glass

1997 Taco Bell Batman & Robin Poison Ivy Cup

Six Flags Travel Cup

Six Flags Batman Vile & Villainous Oversized Shot Glass

1997 Theater Promo Batman & Robin Cup

1997 DC Comics Poison Ivy Soft Toy

Zippo Lighter Filigree Face, Lurid Classic #28865
Not an official DC license, but it was obvious what they were going for here.  Even the description states "She's got all the appeal of a comic book villain."

Poison Ivy Patches

Poison Ivy Mighty Wallets

2012 Super Heroes Magnet Set

DC Comics Bombshells Magnets
Came in two different types of packaging.

LEGO Poison Ivy Magnet (custom)

DC Comics Poison Ivy Finger Nail Art Decals

1997 Batman Vending Machine Stickers

Poison Ivy Prisim Sticker

Batman Window Cling 01

Batman Window Cling 02

1993 DC Comics Batman Prism Stickers

Itty Bittys DC Super Hero Girls Puffy Stickers

Another Sticker Set

2015 ATA-BOY INC. DC Bombshells Sticker

Poison Ivy Foil Wrapping

1997 Batman & Robin Movie Duracell Phone Card and the Poison Ivy Phone Card

1997 DC Comics Telephone Card Set (edition size 1000)

1997 Batman & Robin Movie Phone Card Pepsi Products

Batman & Robin Japan Limited Telephone Card

1992 Parker Brothers 3-D Batman Animated Board Game

1995 Batman The Animated Series Gigantik Crime Wave Board Game

2009 DC Direct Batman Arkham Asylum Poker Set (edition of 1000)

2013 DC Direct Cover Girls of the DC Universe Poker Set (edition size 500)

1996 Batman & Robin Space Shooter Target Game

1992 Batman The Animated Series Tiger Electronic Handheld Game

2017 Cryptozoic Entertainment Mighty Meeples Poison Ivy #22

Various Poison Ivy Bombshell Merchandise

Buckle Down Seatbelt Belts

Buckle Down Wallets

Six Flags Batman Vile & Villainous Mousepad

Cryptozoic DC Bombshells Poison Ivy Pennant

1994 Batman Animated Series 'A Touch of Poison Ivy' Plate (#961 of 2500)

1997 Batman Animated Series 'Girl's Night Out' Plate (#591 of 2500)

2000 Warner Bros. Studio Store DC Female Villains Frame

1998 Warner Bros. Studio Store DC Comics Frame

1999 Warner Bros. Justice League Photo Frame Key Chain

1966 Mettoy Playthings #7143 British Batman Spin Dart Target Game

1999 Warner Bros. Studio Store DC Mirror (21.5" tall and 17.5" wide)

DC Comics Magnetic Locker Mirror

1976 Batman Super Villains Vintage Cloth Banner 13"x 50"
Banner images were copied from  the 1975 comic Secret Origins Super-Villains

Batman Marble Set
These are customs, not official DC licensed.

2017 Kellogg's Pop-Tarts Frosted Chocolate Sugar Cookie Villains Toaster Pastries

1997 Kellogg's Corn Pops Batman & Robin Cereal Box

1997 Kellogg Batman and Robin movie Pogs
These Batman & Robin pogs / milkcaps were given away with packets of Kellogg's cereals in 1997 to promote the release of the film.

1997 Brach's Batman & Robin Movie Fruit Snacks

1997 Batman & Robin Movie Poison Ivy Candy

Poison Ivy Nerds Candy

1997 Batman & Robin Movie Popcorn Tin

Salamander Poison Ivy American Pale Ale
This is a beer brewed by Salamander Microbrewery in Bradford, West Yorkshire, England.  The image was copied from the Batman #26 Josh Middleton Poison Ivy variant comic cover.  A reviewer described the taste as:

"Cask. Fat Cat, Sheffield, which is not as unbearably grim as it usually is, surprisingly. Clear gold. Thin, dense, lasting, white head. Nose has damp grain. Green leaf hop. Taste is sweet, with some red berry, fruity notes. Light body. A bit oily. Green leaf hop to finish."

2000 ElderPins Batman & Robin Pinball Machine

1997 Poison Ivy Horizon Vinyl Model Kit

Poison Ivy 1:8 Resin Kit

Poison Ivy 1:6 Resin Kit 

Poison Ivy 1:6 Resin Kit by Fantasy Realms

Resin Batman & Robin 2-inch Figure Set

Resin Busts by NT Productions

2005 Poison Ivy Kits from Nuthut Productions

This is a resin cast of the Horizons vinyl kit.

Charmkin Poison Ivy (not a DC Poison Ivy)
Charmkins were "scented jewelry playmates" produced in the early 1980's by Hasbro. They were tiny figures or animals, about an inch high and each came with a piece of jewelry, such as a hair comb, necklace or clip. The Charmkins were interchangeable with all jewelry. Each figure also came with a story on the back of their card. 

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